Welcome to the Gandalf's Fist Music Store!

Our Music is available through this site on CD. And also as a digital mp3 download through both iTunes and Amazon links below as well as our bandcamp page.
Special/Limited Edition Merch Items also available from time to time - get em while you can! These are our way of funding our next album!
We only do limited runs of our older albums so keep checking back for those (alternatively check other stockists such as Amazon.com.
We still have plenty of A Forest of Fey CD's in stock (we had a larger number manufactured) so the quicker we sell some more of those the quicker we can re-invest in some of those older treasures! Cheers!

Special/Rare Items!

Here you will find rarer and special items that will soon disappear from the face of the earth! When purchasing a special item you should feel great in the knowledge that you're helping to fund our next record! Nice one, you're awesome!