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UPDATE: Thank you so much for your orders - you guys are great!! We have now completely sold out of our "older" albums! As we stated in the item descriptions - we only do limited runs of older albums so after financing the release of "A forest of Fey" it might be a few weeks before we can get the back catalogue in stock!

That said, older CD's are still in stock over at by clicking here:

We still have plenty of a Forest of Fey CD's in stock (we had a larger number manufactured) so the quicker we sell some more of those the quicker we can re-invest in some of those older treasures! Cheers!

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A Forest of Fey - CD

A Forest of Fey - CD

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The Brand New Album - Available Now!

6-Panel Digipak with 12-page booklet featuring a host of exclusive artwork!

The new album features a whole host of guest musicians from the likes of Nightwish, It Bites, Gryphon and Pendragon so make sure you grab yourself a copy!!

For more info on the new album click here.

Limited Edition "PROG OUT WITH YOUR LOG OUT" T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition "PROG OUT WITH YOUR LOG OUT" T-Shirt

Limited Edition "PROG OUT WITH YOUR LOG OUT" T-Shirt


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Only 100 made - get this one-off piece of Gandalf's Fist Merch, printed to mark our performance at this year's Planet Rockstock, as well as the end of 2013!

We have a few left in a range of sizes so get them while you can! Great quality printed design, featuring the 'Gandalf's Fist' Logo and the slogan "Prog out with your Log out"!

Only available in Black.

From a Point of Existence - CD Digipak

From a Point of Existence - CD Digipak

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As stated below we only do limited runs of older albums! Stay tuned we'll have more in the new year!

CD album version of this record to add to your collection.
Only a small number left on this limited run so get them while you can!
For more info on the album click here.

1. The Tale of William Small
2. From a Point of Existence (Parts I-V)
3. Gathering of the Clouds
4. There and back again
5. Crestfallen
6. Monolith
7. From a Point of Existence (Parts VI-X)

Also availabe as a Digital Download via itunes et al

A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer - CD DigiPak

A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer - CD DigiPak

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Order the Digipak version of last album, space-rock, epic today!
This a limited initial pressing so make sure that you order early to avoid disappointment .
Featuring exclusive artwork, (This will be a limited pressing run this year)
For more info on the album click here.

1. Another Night on the Far Side of the Universe
2. The Nine Billion Names of God
3. Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet
4. Somewhere Beyond the Stars
5. The Orphans of the Sky
6. Maze of Corridors
7. A Universal Wanderer
8. Nexus
9. North of the Wall
10. The Battle for Tannhäuser Gate
11. The Wanderer Goes South

Road to Darkness - CD Digipak

Road to Darkness - CD Digipak

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CD Album version of Road to Darkness

The latest Edition of “Road to Darkness” is available now... and at a reduced price!
A LOT of people missed out on these last time and we’ve had a number of emails asking when these would will be back in stock, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Road to Darkness is a sinister space-rock re-telling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum, chronicling the tale of a young girl transported to a world of almost pure darkness by an evil sorcerer.

Customers from the USA will experience faster shipping times by ordering the Jewel CD here via

1. No Place Cyclone
2. Emerald Eyes
3. Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
4. Into The Dark (Containing Emerald Eyes Reprise)
5. Twilight at The Gates of the Prism Moon
6. The Sulfur Highways of Io
7. Untrodden Ways
8. Road to Darkness
9. The Council of Anderson
10. Assorted Lunatics

(This item is also available as an MP3 download via iTunes/Amazon)

Digital Store - Exclusives A-Plenty!

The Snows They Melt the Soonest (Acoustic)

by Gandalf's Fist

Merry Christmas internet people! Here's our annual festive treat and it comes in the form of a track that we originally recorded for our Acoustic/Live/"Unplugged" style album which we will be releasing sometime next year - so - even though the EP is largely unfinished - this one has a winter vibe we only thought it right to release it now!

It's a haunting folk song that's been covered a number of times by other artists but since it's a traditional folk song from our area in the North of England we wanted to do it in our style (and accents/dialects)!

Here's our little Christmas gift to you - hope you enjoy... To return the favour, and give us a gift back, YOU can choose how much you want to pay for it... be generous (Dean needs beer).

A Forest of Fey

by Gandalf's Fist

“A Forest of Fey” is the first release by the Gandalf's Fist as a four-piece and follows the psychedelic, folk-tinged journey of a young girl trapped in a malevolent woodland and features exciting guest contributions from Troy Donockley (Nightwish), John Mitchell (It Bites/Arena), Dave Oberlé (Gryphon), Clive Nolan (Pendragon/Arena) and Matt Stevens (Instrumental Artist/The Fierce and the Dead).

The bespoke Album art was created by German Artist Thomas Huth and was released on the 20th October 2014.

It is #3 of the "Best Prog-Albums 2014" in Issue #205 (January 2015) of the Classic Rock Magazine UK.