Arjen Lucassen
Blaze Bayley
(Ex-Iron Maiden)
Dave Oberlé
Matt Stevens
(The Fierce and the Dead)

Mark Benton
(Early Doors, Dr Who, Waterloo Road)
Zach Galligan
Bill Fellows
(The Tournament, Broadchurch, Downton Abbey)
Paul Barnhill
(The BFG)
Tim Munro
(Dr Who)
Paul Kavanagh
 (Green street 2, The Shouting men)

It’s always an exciting time when Gandalf’s Fist put their warped minds in unison to try and come up with a new story to tell the world, and lo and behold that time has transpired once again! 

Still buzzing from the success of our last record, “A Forest of Fey”, we’ve delved back into recording a brand new conceptual piece over at Fist HQ, which believe it or not, will signal the release of our sixth full length LP: The Clockwork Fable! 

As with our previous project you can follow the progress here on this page where we’ll be providing studio updates to help whet the appetite of even the most hardened progaphobe! 

Promo Video & Samples

The Story

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Project Updates:

Placeholder artwork

Announcing: The Clockwork Fable

Final Artwork Yet to Be Revealed!

We are delighted to announce “The Clockwork Fable” a Prog-Rock Mind Movie in three oscillations. 

As a follow-up to the acclaimed “A Forest of Fey”, we’ve gone all-out, creating a truly epic triple…

Read more

Festive "Prequel" Track Now Available!

Ho, Ho, Ho indeed! 

Winter is upon us so we've, once again, cooked up another festive treat for you all!

A far cry from Wham! and Noddy Holder, this track is a bit more foreboding... setting the scene for our…Read more

Mission Statement

What is an album in any case?

In an ever-changing world where we are constantly having to think about how we consume music, it's about time we really had a think about the other side of the coin.
So…Read more

Unearthing a New Record

As every year swings round and I start to think about creating a new Gandalf’s Fist record it’s always going to be a mystery as to what direction the record is going to take. We’ve done everything from Neo-Prog with…Read more

From a drummer's point of view...

Although the first demo from Dean arrived here in the first week of October 2014 (yes, that's prior to the release of "A Forest of Fey"), with the second song-demo coming in on December 31st (I still remember standing in…
Press play on tape tshirt

Prequel Game!

Don't you just love text adventures?

Well, we've built one (of sorts) for you to play in preparation for the new record. But why?

I can remember my Dad reading the Hobbit to me as a child, Bo Hansson's "Lord…Read more
Dean studio

Work has begun!

Well!  Here we are again!  The production of  a brand new album is officially underway from us, the crazy cats down at Gandalf's Fist HQ.

Where do we start? Well, you'll be pleased to know that the wheels are well…Read more